Family Portraits

There are times that people walk into homes of friends and family and they see a family portrait that just 'fits' the family. Whether is it taken walking down a beaten path with the family pet, sitting at the water's edge at a favorite lake, or even during a camping trip, the photograph should highlight the family. These are memories that you want to not only remember, but you want to show off to your guests. They are expressions of the family while they were doing something they love... together. Melissa's photojournalist approach offers a genuine portrait portfolio that will highlight your family in a natural setting. All family portraits are done on-site, not in an unfamiliar studio setting allowing the family being photographs to be more at ease and comfortable.

The location is your choice, however, please feel free to take a look at some of the recommendations for some creative inspiration. The prices reflect what you choose in an a la cart method allowing you to choose what you pay.



Family Portrait Portfolio

Family portraits do not have to be narrowed down to just a few that will hang on the wall for a few years until a new photograph is taken. Create your own family portrait portfolio and display it in a beautiful hardcover book or an album of your choice. Choose multiple family favorite locations, or even document a whole day at a favorite spot. The best part is that everyone will be in the photographs. The normal family photographer will be remembered right along with the rest of the family in the candid shots with priceless expressions.