Photography isn't just taking pictures, it is the art of preserving memories. Preserving memories how you remember them, not just having people stand, smile and say cheese. The best way to preserve memories is to take a photo journalistic approach to photographs. Catch people being candid without the photo turning out like a snapshot. Get the expressions of children while they are doing their favorite things so you can cherish the young years for many more years to come. Preserve your wedding day memories with photographs highlighting every detail that you planned and the people who came out to share your day.

Everyone seems to own a camera, whether it be a DLR, a point and shoot or even their phone. There are so many apps available to make enhancements on photos and share them on social media. But the true essence of capturing a moment just as it happens is where the art of being a photographer comes into play. A person that is solely there to preserve your day, your cherished moments with your little ones or even the special days with your pet. The photographer is not only there to take photos, they are there to meter lighting, get your photos tack sharp and create a piece of artwork.

Make sure you preserve your precious moments to be shared and cherished forever - choose the right photographer.