Melissa Miller Studios / Photography is owned and operated by Melissa Miller, who is a graduate of Marlboro College Graduate School. She is located in East Troy, Wisconsin offering photography services in Milwaukee, Chicago and other surrounding areas such as Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Williams Bay, Wisconsin and Fontana, Wisconsin. Having received her first camera at a very young age, Melissa is well versed in the world of photography. She has photographed several events and weddings as well as offering up her services for multiple product shoots. She works with a digital SLR offering the best quality photographs possible. She will ensure that your products are highlighted at the quality level they deserve, your event is captured with the days essence and your event is properly displayed for your audience. Offering both traditional wedding photography along with a photojournalist approach will guarantee not only a documentation of the event, but a true documentation of the memories.


Melissa holds her Master's of Science in Information Technology focusing on accessible and sustainable technology. Her studies included human computer interaction, web accessibility, web standards as well as in depth marketing 2.0 research. With this knowledge, she offers web development and design services that are W3C compliant and designed for the end user and their needs. This ensures that the information, product or service that you are attempting to highlight is directed to the right people and through a platform that is the best suited for your audience. Along with this, Melissa can offer extensive web marketing strategies that include social media, search engines as well as PPC, PPI and SEO best practices. Feel free to visit her web and graphic design site here:


Working in the graphic design field for well over 10 years, a majority of those years as a print and web Art Director, Melissa can offer a full range of graphic design services. Her years of working closely with variety of printers allows her to be able to deliver a print ready product that meets your printers specific needs. Not only is she skilled in producing multiple products from logos to brochures, Melissa also has several years of experience laying out publications such as magazines, newspapers and books. This includes all advertising, publication pagination, editorial layout and the final pre-press to prepare the document for the printer. Because of the several years of experience, she can deliver the projects within a quick timeline offering unlimited proofs and edits. She has worked with several different projects that include high gloss magazine covers, so her extensive knowledge on paper weights and ink saturation will ensure a professional final piece.


 Melissa completed her undergraduate degree at Southern Vermont College studying Corporate Communications with a minor degree in Marketing. This taught her several traditional marketing tactics as well as an extensive program on advertising mediums and journalism. She understands design from a marketing and advertising point of view, and knows what your audience will need from you to help your business succeed.


Melissa enjoys camping, kayaking and spending quality time with her fiance, Kyle and pup Kaydo McKoy. Kaydo is a Norwegian Elkhound / German Shepherd mix and was adopted about a year ago from a rescue shelter. Both Melissa and Kyle believe in helping rescue dogs find their forever homes, and aiding no kill shelters take in more dogs from other facilities that do not follow the same no kill belief. Melissa has volunteered her time for several projects that help build awareness for animal rights, shelter fundraisers and adoption events. Please feel free to contact Melissa with any of these projects; she would love to volunteer her time to help other pups find their forever homes.




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